The Leader of the The Dead Army which bares his name, and a Vandal like no other.

Appearance and Nature Edit

Like his mechanoid creations, Dao appears to be an amalgamation of different mechanical parts but in the shape of a tall slender humanoid covered by dark red tattered robes and a hood. Unlike his creations he is more uniform in appearance, with his limbs sporting layer, overlapping armor over the series of mechanical tentacles that make up his body. There are also white synthetic muscles under his armor. His face, mostly hidden under his hood sports numerous glowing optics and from the shadows comes a series of robotic spider legs as a tube emerges from his neck and continues into the shadow. From his back and beneath his shadow are several of these mechanical tendrils.

While looking robotic, Dao's presence somehow triggers sensors calibrated for organics and is known for being the source of the Daorium that animates his minions.

Personality Edit

Dao is a twisted creature, spouting contradictions which often contradict earlier statements and seems as consistent as he does organic. Despite this, several have noted that he isn't actually insane and merely revels in the frustrations he causes. He enjoys this so much, he calls himself the 'Edgelord'.

His one consistent trait is his desire to 'purge Xenos', which some have theorized as him being sadistic as 'Xenos' seems to mean who or whatever is in his way.

Despite his appearance, Dao seems obsessed with purity and worships a being called 'Astral'.

History Edit

Coming from parts unknown through the Web, Dao had previously plagued other Wiki Sectors. He then turned his attention to the Ultra Fan Wiki Sector.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Daorium Generation: It is unknown how, but Dao generates all the Daorium his forces feed upon, it is why he is constantly on his throne. The presence of this grants him Web Powers.

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