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Lord Omniverse Part 0!: C.V.L Cronicle Quote

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A Collection of quote translate from the vietnamese version.

Quote Edit

Gaine: Aniki, our people say you're too lazy and not being productive

Senpuji Maito: Screw them, I'M THE M*********** EMPEROR, I CAN DO WHAT I WANT BECAUSE I'M THE M************ EMPEROR.

---Senpuji when ask about his work ethic, Chapter 1---

Gaine: Even through i see that scene hundred of time. It still gross me out

Senpuji Maito: Those kid die for justice after all. It is a honor for them.

---Senpuji Maito after brutally turning a living kid into slushie with a Magical Magic Bullet [Search Magic Bullet and you know what i mean]---

Sayaka Miki: Dear ! I put your coffee in the table.

Senpuji Maito: Thankyou ! Sayaka did your soulgem charge up.

Sayaka Miki: It nearly deplete !

Senpuji Maito: Drink this, today is a new flavor. It will charge you up for three day.

---What he do with the Slushie---

Miyuki Hoshizora: Gimme back my Peter Pan *sob* *sob*

L: L-Sama ! Advent ! From this point Disneyland will become Anime Land

---L after he brutally murder Peter Pan---

L: Hey f*** you man. He trash-talking Anime so i drop an antimatter bomb on his country. Why did you have to act so strangely. I have the bomb, so i drop it, it is my right. I don't tell him to trashtalk Anime. So if you blame it, blame him, why you blame me. You trash-talk Anime first, so don't tell me i'm the one who start it. F*** all of your family and ancestor. Leave us alone you warmongering dog. Thank to you the world peace is in danger.

---L after he drop a bomb on Vatican after the pope trash-talking Anime. And AEU want to ask if he want a war or not---

Longhaul: Activate Interlock ! All Spark Connected ! Infa-structure Check.

Scrapper / Mixmaster: FORM FEET AND LEG

Bonecrusher / Scavenger: FORM ARM



Devastator: FORM ! VOLTRO...... WAIT .... DEVASTATOR

---Devastator First Combine In the Story---

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