The first part of Lord Omniverse and the one about Shining Convoy

Summary Edit

After several sextillon year of constant warfare. Shining Convoy finally tire of it and decide to retire. But due to his immense popularity, this decision is not a good one. Our story follow Shining attempt to live peacefully in MW (Magical World) Earth and finally get rid of his single status

Chapter Edit

Chapter 1: Might Gaine vs Kyubey

Chapter 2: Setsuna and Shining

Chapter 3: Da-Garn and Saber

Chapter 4: The butthurt Kaiser

Chapter 5: Return of Firebird

Chapter 6: Operation: Kill The Rival

Chapter 7: Cybertron Talk Show

Chapter 8: The battle in Trump Kingdom

Chapter 9: The threat of Xeno Federation


This was not a Translation but a total rewrite.

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