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Before Time And Space

_The Author create The One

_The One create Primus and Unicron, give them half his power.

_The Author create more God, including Grandark, Satan Bardot, Astal and her sister.

_Primus meet Astal and his sister. Fell in with them madly.

_He and Unicron have a fight over Astal.

_The fight last for god known many year.

_The One swallow both of them as he fear their power may exceed even himself.

_Primus merge with Unicron forever to beat up their jack*** father.

_Shin Primus beat The One and seal him into "The Sword Of Over-Simplified"

_Primus marries Astal and swear to never be a jack*** father to his children.

---Time And Space Begin---

1: Shining Convoy birth

1 Billion: Zen Seibertron Teikoku creation

25 Billion: All the other God Pantheon being destroy after a 24 billion year wars.

1 Quintillion: The Xeno appear, Shining create the Imperium Of Shining

1 Quintillion - 25 Quintillion: The expansion era of Zen Seibertron Teikoku

25 Quintillion: Setsuna previous incarnation death, Shining failed attempt at Suidicide

25 Quintillion 500000: Lordion self-reincarnate after self destruct along with Mogahn The Mass. Due to him doesn't aware of his immortality at that time.

25 Quintillion 1 Million: After half a million year of disastrous leader ship, Bravarion has been kick out of the gang. In the middle of his way to Earth. He get ambush by his future self and loss his memories.

25 Quintillion 5 Million: Shining return to lead the gang after 5 million year of depression. Result in him sealing all the happy memories he has with the previous incarnation of Setsuna. The first Brave Saga happen.

25 Quintillion 10 Million: T.S.A.B start their coldwar with Zen Seibertron Teikoku.

25 Quintillion 20 Million: The second Brave Saga happen between Grandark Force and the Yuusha that are not belong to Zen Seibertron Teikoku.

25 Quintillion 21 Million: Red Gaia Empire appearance. They quickly seize 40 % of the Omniverse.

25 Quintillion 30 Million: The start of Lord Omniverse part 1. A.D 2013 in Earth-Mahou Shoujo calendar.

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