An evil entity from parts unknown, Shiny is considered one of the most evil beings the Atlanta crew ever faced.

Appearance Edit

While the truest expression of his essence is a glowing, sparkling white humanoid of pure energy. He generally takes the form of a silver hair youth with silver eyes, a white and blue get up and a fur collar jacket.

When in combat, he takes the form of 'Shining Prime' a large mechanoid that transforms into a truck, resembling a white and blue version of Optimus Prime from Transformers Armada.

Personality Edit

Shiny is narcisistic to the point of ignorance and idiocy and refuses to acknowledge that any action he commits or makes others commit in his name could be wrong. He considers himself a god, and mortal beings as his play things, and views his preferred forms, human and mechanoid, as the only forms acceptable for life forms to bear. Thus he wishes to see the universe purged of all life forms not acceptable to him.

Shiny is also annoyed with 'them' the Cosmic Beings of the universe who thus restrict his movements and actions, for fear of being utterly destroyed. He also feared the 'Darkness' a being of legend who would rise to meet him and his evil light.

History Edit

Coming from parts unknown, the Demigod is responsible for the formation of the Destroids and the Otaku Marines, and possibly the revival of ancient war machines.

It was Shiny who started the Cyberbot Destroid war, where in his Shining Prime form he held back a great deal of the Cyberbot forces. It was only the appearance of SolZen with the Ban Ray, that he was brought down to a mortal level to be bested and then banished from the universe.

Weapons and Abilities Edit

  • Space Time Bending: He could warp space time to teleport, produce shield or as an attack.
  • Electrical Bolts: Sith lightning style
  • Twin Blasters: On his forearms in Shinning Prime form.
  • Invulnerable: Until faced with the Ban Ray, a forcefield always protected him from harm.

Trivia Edit

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