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In the grim shinyness of the Lord Omniverse.

There was Galaxion Media Corp, a company built by a primordial god who was so bored. He has to sell toy to kid to entertained himself. And his brother God Emperor Shining who has nothing other than playtesting his toy to do. A strangely peaceful stories in an un-peaceful setting.

DX Spark DollEdit

Shiny: What the *beep* is this

Victorion: DX Spark Doll bro.

Shiny: It just a bigger sparkdoll but cost 24 buck.

Victorion: That cost more plastic.

Shiny: How about the articulation

Victorion: Minimal , but just look at the detail

Shiny: The detail don't matter, it's a vinyl figure so it has to be show accurate. That is basically it job.

Shiny: Those detail definitely doesn't worth paying extra 19 buck. The figure ain't even 4 or 5 time bigger. At best 2 or 3 time, it doesn't have extra articulation. So why the hell I has to buy it with your price

Victorion: But those kid will buy it anyway. They buy anything as long as it look cool

Ultrans Edit


LEGO Death Star Edit

Shiny: This thing is ...

Victorion: The Death Star ... and it cost 500 buck

Shiny Where the outside hull goes.

Victorion: It would be too expensive to add that .


Shiny: I'm gonna make it right this time.

*Use his magic to construct a LEGO of Death Star onscale with all other LEGO Figure along with an LEGO Alderaan. *

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