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In the grim darkness of the year 25 billion. There is only torturing, slaughter, joyful Genocide. No more chance of peace between various faction. Unless one prevail and exterminated the other. This future only have entertaiment, war and a lot of pop culture references. Welcome to the Lord Omniverse.

Summary Edit

In a Multiverse far far away. The year is 2500, Earth has enjoy quite a fortune with the friendship forged with the Vulcan and various other alien race. They have created the United Federation Of Planet, eliminate hunger, poverty and crime. Until the day where "Xeno Federation" pass through and **** it all up. Causing the vulcan and all the other race to betray and enslave the Humanity.

Eventually "he" come, from the center of the Omniverse. A god so mighty he can destroy reality iself, so handsome he make the most manly of man become homo-sexual, he is both ruthless and gentle as the same time. This particular god is Burning Convoy. He who singlehandly murder the whole Vulcan race except one. He who become the first god emperor of Earth shall lead humanity into domination.

Thus the story of Lordhammer begin.

Faction Edit

Imperium Of Shining: The faction of humanity, a mighty Empire once lay in ruin but now has revive by the sacred god emperor Burning Convoy. This faction is filled with religous fanatic and worshipper who worshipping Burning like a god. They all carried their action under his name. And belive in the supperiority of Humanity and Cybertronian. This Empire contain the following sub-faction.

Otaku Marine: Mania who get convert into mighty warrior. Giving them the power to full fill their fantasy. They are seperate into 39 chapter. Each chapter have atleast five primarch.

1st Chapter: Secrect Company

2nd Chapter: Bliztreig Poker

3rd Chapter: Battle Fever

4rd Chapter: Electro Force

5rd Chapter: Solar Vulcan

6rd Chapter: Google Cinq

7th Chapter: Dynamite Nerd

8th Chapter: Bionic Man

9th Chapter: Changing Mythic

10th Chapter: Prism Flash

11th Chapter: Aura Mask

12th Chapter: Live Beast

13th Chapter: Turbo Dasher

14th Chapter: Brother Hood Of Five

15th Chapter: Jet Five

16th Chapter: Mighty Morphin

17th Chapter: Star Ranger

18th Chapter: Ninja Of Aquitar

19th Chapter: Star Of Zeo

20th Chapter: Turbo Shifter

21th Chapter: Mega Space

22th Chapter: The Lost Ginga

23th Chapter: Lightspeed V

24th Chapter: Time Diver

25th Chapter: Hundred Beast

26th Chapter: Hurricane Ninja

27th Chapter: Abare Thunder

28th Chapter: SP Justice

29th Chapter: Mystic Brother

30th Chapter: Adventure Overdrive

31th Chapter: Geki Fury

32th Chapter: RP Onger

33th Chapter: Shinken Samurai

34th Chapter: Mega Angel

35th Chapter: Mega Pirate

36th Chapter: Spybuster

37th Chapter: Koryu Charge.

38th Chapter: The Fellowship Of Imagination

39th Chapter: Flashy Ninja

Imperial Soldier: Normal soldier with exceptional equipment. They are known throughout the cosmo as an army that can built a wall using enemy soldier corpse.

Inspector: Cadre of civilization that goes and inspect other variant of Earth civilization. They will determine what is heretic and what is not. Those who determine as Heretic will be exterminate.

Eccesiarchy: People who regulating the tithe (Anime, Manga, Toy, Video Game) that Burning Convoy recieved. They ensure that people consume enough A.M.T.G so the company will survive. Their side-job is to make sure that people still worshipping Shining.

Cyber Soldier: Soldier in powered armor, but are not Otaku Marine. They only have strong equipment, but not the mighty prowess Otaku Marine posses.

Sister Of Shining: Magical Tech Girl Warrior who purge the world of the ruinous power of paganism. They observed the mass and root out anime hater. Because in this future, Anime Hater = Heretic.

Kitty Knight: Mighty Knight with hello kitty painted in their pink armor. They are the most elite and powerful warrior in the Empire. Save for the Masked Custodian and Metal Guard

Maksed Custodian: Soldier with strength exceed the Primarch. Each of them are uniquely made and have different abilites. They're genetically perfect with machine enhancement personally tailored by the God Emperor himself. Each of them have their unique abilites due to the God Emperor obsesssion with originality. The Masked Custodian are blessed with the fighting spirit and essence of great heroes once called Masked Rider. Now they will use that power to prove the mankind supperiority.

Metal Guard: They're the guardian of the sacred Terra. Each of them are warrior intergrated into a suit of cybernetics armor personally made by the God Emperor. They're hard to replace and each of their live must be protected with extreme delication.

Xeno: The enemy of mankind and garbage that need to be destroy. All of them need to be purge and brutally suppress. For a happy and clean Omniverse.

Dimension Beast: Another enemy of mankind that need to be destroy.

Herectical Fedearation: Cadre of Human Civililazation from accross the cosmos who live peacfully with Xeno. And refuse the Human superiority. They have denied themselves the right to live.

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