Alternate Form(s): Dragon
Age: Unknown
Height: 40m (Robot)
50m (Dragon
Weight: 56,000 T
Home world: N/A
Series: Fan Event
Type: Villain
Family N/A
Affiliation TBA
Created by SolZen321

The Evil LunaPhobos who seeks galactic domination.

Appearance Edit

Clothes in dark armor, LunaPhobos had black armor with red lines. In robot mode he had a featureless helmet and a humanoid face with red eyes and fanged teeth. His dragon are folded on his back and his tail has split in two and point upward behind him. His dragon head has split to form his hands, with his fangs forming fingers and his lower jaws becoming thumbs.

In dragon mode his head sports a large pair of antlers, his arms have three digits and his wingspan is near that of his body. His body is dinosaur (think T-Rex or a raptor) in posture and build.

In both forms, his body armor appeared to be bands of metal. He also has a crystal on his chest, that while dark sometimes glows red.

Personality Edit

LunaPhobos holds a special hatred for SolZen and longs to defeat him in battle. He also longs for conquest and views all others as pawns to his schemes.

History Edit

He has some unknown rivalry with SolZen.


Weapons and Abilities Edit

  • Calamity Matrix: The crystal in his chest, it absorbs the minus energy released in battle, or simply around him and can store it that it can be used for his Plasma Heart. It is theorized to be responsible for his evil nature. When in use it glows red.
    • Evil Waves: Waves of minus energy released from his matrix that can be used to poison other super robots.
  • Dragon Fire: His normal attack in dragon form, in robot mode he put his hands together to use a lesser form. At full power it can easily melt Space Titanium Armor. In its lesser form it shots out powerful balls of plasma.
  • Flight: LunaPhobos flies thanks to and anti-gravity devise in his body.
  • Plasma Wings: His dragon wings, in dragon made he can the to send out waves of plasma to blow and burn away his enemies.
  • Luna Death Star: A morning-star ( a chained mace) summoned from subspace, it is made of gravity compacted Duranium and can generate EM pulses with each swing of impact, which can stun Super Robots. Because of its size, it requires a great deal of energy to use.
  • Luna Trident: A spear said to be cursed, it is connected to the Calamity matrix and can cut through other Super Robots.

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