Solus ' twins sister who has already graduated from the academy. Although her alt mode is a large truck, she transformed into bot smaller than her brother. She can be temperamental and scares he twin brother sometimes and other times they are best friends. She is working to earn the title Prime.


While having a feminine build, Lunas is still somewhat bulky with large thick armor covering her body. She is a white and blue robot with blue optics and a Prime like helmet with wheels on her shoulders and her thighs. Her chest armor also sports her vehicle forms battering ram attachment. She is a head shorter than Solus.


Lunas is very serious but is comical when with her friends and brothers, she is however rather temperamental and is prone to flair up at her twins messups or her own failures. She is a perfectionist and is very keen to maintain her physical skills and abilities. She also doesn't like it when people comment about her height.


Lunas is a very dangerous fighter, possessing excellent physical training and marksmanship. However she is not as physically strong as other bots like her brothers. She is also intelligent, while SolZen can build a Space Bridge, she can build a Space Ship, or at least plan out one, her fields lie more in engineering that theoretical physics.

Weapons Tech and Abilities

Vehicle Mode

Lunas transforms into a Dodge Ram, current generation truck, with a battering ram accessory on the hood. In vehicle mode she is as big as Map Buster and larger than her twin brother.

  • Attack Mode: Lunas can use her weapons in vehicle mode.
  • Nitro Boost:


  • Vehicle to Robot: Her back end splits open to form her feet, moving parts and placing the wheels on the side. Her driver's compartment collapses in as the front morphs, the arms come out from the underside, as armor attachments are added and the front wheel move back turning the front of the car into chest armor and shoulder armor as her head rises up and her helmet is form over her head.



  • She is the first female robot on the wiki
  • She is based of SolZen's real life sister.