Also called Eminence, or Eminence 12, or just 12, he eventually rose up to command all of the Gormin Forces.

Appearance Edit

MNN is a tall, gun metal grey bot with cubic armor plating. He has the typical appearance of a commander unit, but with scratches and niches from combat. He also sports a large cannon on his left arm, an a machine gun on his right shoulder.

Personality Edit

As a commander 12 has his own personality, while loyal to the Masters, 12 is highly devoted to wiping out the Maxions, who rose up to war with his people. He is also particularly interested in defeating Maxion, and 'crushing a god'. He is ruthless, thinking nothing of his soldiers as more than cannon fodder and thinks less of organics. The only organic beings he holds with any sort of respect are the masters, although some do impress him.

MNN also believes in strength and power but is not above using underhanded tactics. Yet he striffles under the commands of the Masters who demand simple minded obliteration, over more subtle tactics.

He is also very arrogant, of himself and his species.

History Edit

He first met Maxion, ages ago, when he first encountered the Gormin. Since then his body was destroyed and his mind was uploaded into another body.

Over the long centuries he has lead many successful operations for the masters, during and after the fall of the resurrection network.

When the great Robot War began, he eventually took command of the Gormin and began a sort of rivalry with Maxion, and some of his commanders.

Powers and Weapons Edit

  • Gravity Impacted Armor Plating: Several layers of armor, compressed into a dense armor plating, making it very resistant to physical injury.
  • Strength: MNN is possibly the strongest of his race.
  • Plasma Cannon: Powered by his own reactor, he has a cannon that fires large spheres of plasma at his foes.
  • Blaster Rifle: Mounted on his shoulder.

Trivia Edit

  • He is based of Megatron.

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