Transforms into T-Rex like biomechanical creature. Is vicious and scheming and plots against both Stingerette and Optimum, while serving the later.

Appearance Edit

Magma Ton is a red robot with yellow stripes. In robot mode he had the upper and lower jaw of his T-Rex head on his shoulders, with T-Rex legs acting as shin armor/boots for his robot legs His abdominal region with thin compared to his upper body. His helmet has a row of spike on each side, facing up, a face plate for a mouth and a V crest on his helmet.

Personality Edit

Magma Ton is petty and a bully, he is also arrogant thinking highly of himself, but lacking the intelligence of the others, he relies only on brutish force. He is deeply afraid of anything he can't overpower, like Optimum, Horn Maximum, Stingerette's poison and such.

Biology Edit

Magma Ton is a bio-mechanical life form, underneath his armor one would find a collection of natural wires, pistons, circuitry in a bio-mechanical fashion. Inside are also other organs/parts, such as batteries, his Bio-Core, his Ethium Stores and Ethium Processing plant. He is a Promethium based life form.

Weapons and Abilities Edit

  • Turbo Particle Gun: A telescopic gun that unfolds from his right arm. Fires spheres of protons that cause large explosion and have high piercing power.
  • Plasma Missiles: Missiles holding compressed plasma, fired from side of legs.
  • Micron Boosters: Small thrusters, they allow for short flights and enhanced jumping.
  • Attack Shield: A Danger Shield which emerges out of a kite shaped shield that unfolded from his left arm.

Transformation Edit

  • T-Rex to Robot: The tip of his tail flips back and his tail splits open and unfolds into legs which merge with his T-Rex legs. His sides and arms move to the shoulder allowing his robot arms to come out and the neck withdraws inward and splits in two. The lower jaw is on the left shoulder and the upper jaw on the right. His robot head emerges.

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