Alternity convoy silver boxart
Alternate Form(s): Car
Age: Unknown
Height: N/A
Weight: M/A
Home world: n/a
Series: Transformers Voltz Wars
Type: Good
Family Unknown
Affiliation Team Optimus
Created by SolZen321
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A fellow brother-in-arms to Optimus, he has joined him on quest of redemption and the protection of the people of Mirth.


A head strong warrior, Magnus is more prone to fighting than Optimus who is more of the diplomat. Magnus is often preoccupied with fixing up the base or installing new weapons and/defenses for the base and is quick to learn what technological breakthroughs his new body allows.


  • Blaster Pistol: Standard weapon, useful only in close range.
  • Ion Blasters: Like Optimus' Ion Cannons.
  • Hammer: Magnus can summon a hammer that sends out shock waves that send opponents flying.