The tyrannical leader of the Kishin.

Appearance Edit

Originally his armor was cubic with a golden lion head forming on his chest/abdominal/pelvic. He was a red and white mechanoid, with a golden lion chest on his body.

In modern times his armor is more curved and organic in appearance. His color has changed from white and gold/red to blue and gold. His shoulders are large and pointed with missile launchers on the back. He had twin jet engines with two pairs of variable wings, a face plate with a crest that points up and V shaped fins on the side of his helmet.

His eyes now glow purple and at all time he wears a red cape.

Personality Edit

Magnus is self centered, believing himself above the needs of his people, at the same time he thinks of his race above the needs of others. He desires authority but he also desires to see his people thrive. It is because of this he requires Maxion's knowledge and power.

Magnus fears Maxion, due to him also being a 'Prime' and because of his battlefield exploits and his knowledge. In the past he perceived Maxion as his servant, but at the start of the rebellion he was humbled by the older Prime, since then Magnus has desired Maxion's respect.

His secret however, is that he is not a true prime, instead, he has implanted a fuel source into his Ember that has given him similar abilities and energy signature.

History Edit

Once a mere Kishin, Magnus was celebrated as the first Kishin to become a Prime without the aide of another. In truth he stumbled upon an energy source that gave him similar powers.

Magnus eventually positioned himself as leader of the Council as more and more Primes moved on. He took to desecrating their bodies in secret to learn their mysteries but came up with nothing but upgrades.

Magnus also launched new policies restricting the number of new primes and causing segregation among his people. This lead to the war where Maxion was left as the last Prime.

Weapons and Armaments Edit

  • Disruptor Sword: A slender straight sword, it glows with disruptor energy to cut through most materials.
  • Scatter Missiles: The missiles launched from his shoulders, the explode into many small high density explosive that can cause damage to large areas.
  • Plasma Ejectors: The engines on his back.
  • Phaser Rifle: A hand held gun, fires beams of energy.

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