The last of the True Prime, Magnus lead the Maxigons to victory

Appearance Edit

A white and red robot, Magnus wore a red cape and had a red helmet with many V shaped golden crests. His chest and pelvice armor, together formed the makeshift face of a lion. He had a triangular upper body and almost always wore a cape. He also had double turrets on his shoulders.

He had a sub-leader class body.

Personality Edit

Despite his name, title and the fact that he carried the Matrix, Magnus was not a True Prime. Despite being remembered as a hero he was a tyrant, who cared not for the freedoms of his people, and viewed the older Maxion as little more than a war machine to use at his leisure.

He viewed himself as the greatest of Primes to ever lived and believed he held mastery over the powers behind the Matrix and authority over them. His last 'heroic' sacrifice was a temper tantrum due to the Matrix refusing him during his time of need. He sought to kill his opponent and refused to hand over the matrix to anyone.

He viewed his people, his men and his forces as merely pawns he was entitled to, and view disobedience as heresy.

History Edit

A Prime chosen by the senate, though given the Matrix, it never bonded with him. During the first great civil war, he ordered Maxion, a retired Prime to hunt down the Renegades. It was after their falling out that the civil unrest his policies started became a full blown war, the great war.

Magnus did not really took part in battle, due to his inexperience and lack of Matrix wisdom and because his quarrel with Maxion had left him badly damaged.

It was during the last battle when he realized the Matrix would not help him and that it was waiting for his replacement that he went mad and performed a kamikaze attack resulting in Magnus' end.

Although hailed as a hero for ending the war, in recent times documentaries have brought to light his failings and faults

Weapons Edit

  • Magnus Blade: His personal energy sword. It took the form of a white claymore made of energy and was his only real sort of defense
  • Blaster Turrets: On his shoulders

Trivia Edit

  • Magnus transformed into an alien car, but was too pompous to transform.
  • His name comes from the fact that he believes he is descended from the ancient Magnus' from before the time of the Primes. His original name was Rally.
  • His appearance is based on Exxkaiser from the Brave Series.

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