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The main stories are set in the Highest Layer of Existence "The Origin Layers"

In this there is 11 Area, each Area contain within iself an immense number of Multiverse that are too large to count, even if we use Infinite as a unit. In each area there is only one version of Earth inside the most important universe. All the other universe will not have their own Earth. They're call Cluster World and made up of different world combine with each other. Nearly every area exist independent from each other. There is only two Area that can move to another Area.

List Of Area Base On T.S.A.B Data:

Legend Area: In this area the legend about Magical Girl are important aspect. It is a dangerous place because it is place near Cyber Area. This place currently being protect by the Puella Magi. After the extermination of Incubator, it become the third most dangerous area.

Star Area: Star and Romance are this Area most defnite trait. This area is protected by The Sailor Senshi

Dark Area: In this area, the war between the force of light and dark are intense. It is one of the dangerous area because it is currently the place where Gaogaigar an"SSS+++".level threat live. The protector of this area are Heart Catch Precure and Happiness Charge Precure

Techno Area: A sub-sidies of Cyber Area, this Area cannot be interfere by T.S.A.B because it is too dangerous. The area are being protect by Cure Black, Cure White, Shiny Luminous, along with God Emperor Micronus and Deckerd, his son. Micronus is an Class "SSSS" level threat.

Demon Area: In this Area, demon are allow to run. It protector are the CLAMP Alliance 

Medieval Area: Half of this Earth are an Medieval World, where the other half are modern Earth. This place has been protected by Go ! Princess Precure và Doki Doki Precure cùng với Splash Star Precure

Appocalypse Area: The second most dangerous place in the Omniverse. This place has been conquered by the Combine force Labyrinth, Bad End Kingdom, Nightmare and Eternal. Humanity are near extinct and they have been protect by three Precure team

Music Area: The plane of music, the most peacful Area. It protector are The Symphogear Users and Suite Precure

School Area: A mysterious Area

Cyber Area: The most dangerous area, everything come from this Area are Class S and above threat. Only one person has ever come back alive from this Area. She has split this Area into five small Area: G1 Area, Victory Area, Beast Area, Micron Area, Brave Area 

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