A red haired member, she frequently interacts with Shukasa, despite his diverging opinions to the goals of the Tao.

Appearance Edit

Makoto has short, neat red hair, jade green eyes, she is slim with a tone body. She typically wears a sleeveless shirt with a jacket and a mini half skirt.

Her hair, is naturally black, but she dye both her hair and eyebrows, meaning people naturally assume she is a read head.

Makoto is able to pass herself off as a teenager, despite her age.

Personality Edit

To most people she is cold and stoic, she can also be seductive when dealing with a target. She is however friendly to those she consider friends and 'family', especially her cousin Shukasa, who has separated from the Tao. Though she doesn't always show it, she looks down on non Tao members, even those that marry into the family. She also holds other family members who leave the Tao with contempt, yet oddly does not extend this feeling to her cousin.

History Edit

Like many Tao, Makoto was shown to be infertile, but worse he ESP potential was shown to be very low, and thus was trained to be an agent for them, assassinating targets and other missions. Due to this, she was emotionally abandoned by her parents and treated as a servant by most of the Tao Clan, except her cousin Shukasa and a few others.

Despite this, she obeyed when the Elders ordered her to kill his outside fiance', something she feels guilty about.

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