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Solus' childhood friend a large bot with great strength, transforms into a Truck.


Map Buster is a large bot with dense armor and retractable faceplate. Though he is big, he barely stands taller than the average bot.


A good friend and always one to point out the flaws with a plan, Maps as his friends call him, is a bot that doesn't shy away from a fight. He may not be a as skilled as some of his other friends but he learns quick. He is often direct and yet is is quick witted and more than capable of being sneaky/planning out things.


  • Strength: Map Buster is a very strong bot, the second or third strongest of his group naturally. He also has good reflexes, being able to catch a missile in mid-flight.
  • Armor: His armor offer good protection, allowing him to ignore a good deal of punishment.
  • Multi Weapons Platform system: Map Buster can use a practically any weapon he knows the mechanics for. Once it has been explained to him, he can make that weapon, usually by Solus
    • Repulsor Rifle: Using graviton waves condensed into energy bullets that warp what ever they hit to ruin. Is taxing
    • Rail Gun: EM waves fires shells at high speeds, causing massive trauma
    • Microwave Cannon: An EM cannon, its attack normally appears as an electric bolt. Can melt through Promethium Armor and turn an organic to vapor/dust on contact
    • Ethium Plasma Buster: An energy cannon
    • Plasma Warheads: A gift from Solus.
    • Sonic Requiem Mini: A lesser version of Artorious' weapon. While not as devastating it is still powerful.
    • Danger Blades: Map Buster has scissor like blades he can use to cut through an opponent in scissor form or blade form.
    • Mace hands: He can transform his hands into spiked maces.

Alternate ModesEdit

Weapons Tech and Abilities

  • Multi Weapons Platform System: Same as before
  • Nitro Thrusters: Used to give a short speed boost.
  • Scanner Goggles: Goggles from his helmet, used when sniping or recon.

Map Buster tranforms into a model of car similar to the Ford F series, primarily the F-150 Platinum but black with grey markings.

Weapons Tech and Abilities

  • Multi Weapons Platform System: Same as before
  • Nitro Thrusters: Used to give a short speed boost.
  • Mines: Maps can drop mines from behind to slow down enemies.
  • Rockets: Fired from the hood.



Solus' friend from childhood. He was originally the only one who knew about Solus' other forms.


  • Map Buster is based of an old time friend of SolZen in real life.

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