The 'Queen' of the school and head of the Drama Club

Appearance Edit

Margret is a slim built teenager with long brown/red hair touching her back. She has blue eyes and a pale complexion and is rarely without makeup to cover up her paleness. She is pretty and dresses herself in the finest clothes and often has her hair in different fashions.

Personality Edit

Margret is the 'Queen' of the school and knows it, she expects everyone to bow to her wishes and to be adored by all the school. She was brought up in a rich family and taught to look down on those of a lesser class and is keen to keep the status quo.

Margret is also keen to hook up with Philip and often implies that they are an item due to their status and king and queen of the school. However despite these claims she actually has no real interest in him beyond his position.

She is a lover of the arts and her love for acting has lead her to be the head of the drama club and despite her arrogance she is a skilled actor.

Margret is also not very sociable, rarely connecting with people even her own family. Despite loving being on top, being first, Margret wants to have actual friends, which causes her to be actually rather lonely.

History Edit


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