Marik Profile
Alternate Form(s): Alien Tank
Age: N/A
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Home world: Vandora
Series: Scorpio Galaxy Chronicles
Type: Villain
Family Maxion Prime (Brother)
Gallus (Brother)
Sagus (Mother)
Affiliation Predabots (Leader and founder)
Created by SolZen321
The older brother of Gallus and Maxion Prime.

Appearance Edit

Marik was a very tall mechanoid, with purple armor. His pointed helmet sported two horns. His armor had tank treads on the back of his legs on his shoulder pads. On his right arm was a gun barrel, composed of stripes of metal around a crystal sphere.

Personality Edit

Marik was a bully. While he was charismatic enough to gather others under his rule, Marik believed in the rule of the strong, so long as he was the strongest. Despite his claims, he had little 'honor' and had no qualm about slaughtering the innocent.

His main tactic was overwhelming force and looked down on Maxion for not only denouncing their ways, but for coming to power not through show of strength. He also despised him for taking the favor of their mother.

History Edit

Marik and Gallus used to bully Maxion when he was a child.

Upon their return to their homeworld as Mechanoids, Marik was voice against Maxion's changes to their society, primarily the dethroning of the noble/warrior class in exchange for a more formal military/militia. For that reason, when it became that he lacked the political power and backing to stop him, he form the Predabots with other former Warrior Class individuals, with his brother Gallus as his second in command.

Marik attacked both Maxion and his mother in the Archon Tower, while his forces rampaged around the city. However his arrogance allowed Maxion the time to inject him with a vial of Super Engen which caused his system to overload and his cannon to explode on him. Maxion then decapitated him and used that image to send his Predabots running.

Weapons and Abilities Edit

  • Quasar Cannon: A powerful beam weapon that fires gamma rays in a particle beam.

Trivia Edit

  • His design is based on Cyclonus from Transformers, but also concept artwork on Megatronus/The Fallen by Don Figueroa: Here

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