Markers are relic/monuments made of Transmetal.

Appearance Edit

Markers are large black monoliths of metal that swirl around it each to two points. They have glowing red lights and their internal structure is a building skeleton made of transmetal, complete with red markings.

Nature Edit

Highly mysterious, the Markers seem exist for no logical reason. They are known to induce madness to people who are near them too long. In the most extreme cases victims appears to show symptoms akin to possession. All that is known about them is that they are made of an unknown

Later Maxion determined that the Markers were made of a transmetal, and that they Markers were generating a 'special wave'. This wave is perceivable by other Transmetal beings and to 'special' organics and is perceived as a song being played.

They have an indeterminable power source, which Maxion concluded was graviton in nature due to the graviton waves they produced and because of their transmetal, they are resistant to nano-tech and can regenerate/rebuild themselves.

The Markers' name came from Maxion who determined the the song was a call to something...

Trivia Edit

  • The Empire refers to them as relics.
  • They are based on the markers from Dead Space.

Quotes Edit

"These's impossible to tell how old they are but...they are here for a reason...": Imperial Scientist

"The song, the song! Why, why can't you hear it, the relics, they are calling, they are calling for us...!" The same scientist some time later.

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