Sara's Step-Mother, the wife of Harold and the mother of Odessa.

Appearance Edit

Martha has a light skin tone and neat tied back black hair in a long braid. She has her daughter's blue eyes, it tall thin and usually wears a white blouse with a blue dress. She is never known to smile.

Personality Edit

Martha is an unhappy woman but is too proud to show it, she left the love of her life to a loveless arranged marriage, her husband constantly cheats on her, her daughter dresses flamboyantly and constantly disobeys her and now her Husbands mistress and daughter have entered her life. Martha is often described as cold and stoic, but she is more caring towards others than her husband and may give large amounts of money to charity because she wants to help and because it upsets her husband. Despite her deep dislike for Maxine and her original dislike of Sara, she has found that she gets along well with the young woman, much more so than with her own daughter.

History Edit


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