Older brother of Solus and Lunas , Maximus is a paragon of Super Robots, incredible strong, and a great leader, he has a family of his own now. Transforms into massive truck and trailer.


Maximus is a gargantuan robot to most bots, standing a head over most, even the tallest of bots. He is bulky with a thick body armor. He sports a large helmet. On his back is a large jet back which is formed from his trailer. His top armor is blue, while his lower armor is red.


Maximus is a serious but fun loving bot, who never fails to make time for those he loves. He is driven, logical and is the one who taught his brother and sister how to fight. He regularly trains himself to keep in shape and works to ensure the threat of war never touches his family, both new and old members.


Maximus is one of the strongest Maxigons in Transformer history able to take on a battalion of enemy bots by himself. He is a tank but despite that he is also very agile for his size and hold devastating firepower. Maximus is also intelligent and a good leader.

Weapons Tech and Abilities

  • Path Blaster: Forms from his hands, is upgraded with powerful attachments.
  • Riot Cannon: Forms from his jet back, a hand held weapon. It's attack releases a small nuke size explosion.
  • Dimension Decimator: Maximus' strongest attack, it is also forbidden under most circumstances.
  • Jet Pack: His transformed trailer, allows him to fly through even space.

Maximus' alternate mode is a large flat face truck with a small trailer.

Weapons Tech and Abilities

  • Assault Rifles: Repurposed Path Blasters
  • Rocket Launchers:

Maximus can transform into a fist shaped space vessel

Weapons Tech and Abilities

  • Path Blasters:
  • Warp Drive: Repurposed his Dimnensional Decimator for space Travel.


  • Vehicle to Robot: Maximus' side seperate to form his arms and hands, his face morphs into his torso and abdomen while his head pops up, his lower part and back come forward to form his feet. His trailer opens up and collapses into his jet pack.
  • Robot to Space Ship: HIs head goes into his body as his arms fold back and merged with his jet back to make thrusters. HIs legs also do something similar.


Maximus was a veteran of the Great War between the Maxigons and the Darkcons. Near the end he emerged from a battlefield, previously unknown and carrying the stasis pod the held his embryonic siblings. Seeking safety for them and peace for their future, Maximus joined the charge to end the battle defeating Gigatron and earning the rank of Prime. Since turning his attention to the Kaiju threat, he has seen his siblings grow up and started a family of his own. However, he still fears the return of Gigatron...


  • Maximus is based of SolZen321's Brother.