The mother of Sara Prime, Maxine and her daughter are far from on good terms even if it appears that they can behave themselves in each other's presence.


Maxine is a natural red head, but she had chosen to dye her hair blonde. For a middle aged woman she looks fairly young and currently dresses herself in a pink business jacket, a grey skirt and white shirt. She is almost always seen in shades and when she goes out she generally wears revealing attire. She has a slight tan that darkens very easily.


Maxine sees herself as a person who has overcome her struggles, her daughter would describe her as a 'wh@re'. In the past she was reliant on others, primarily her boyfriends to survive putting her at odds with her daughter when she accused some of them of making passes at her. While she has searched for Sara when she disappeared, she doesn't seem to bothered by her disappearance and is often known for partying Due her lifestyle she has a high tolerance for alcohol and currently despises the idea of having to rely on anyone for her own well being. She is very selfish, at times even childish but she is not an idiot and can at times be scheming.


With a loose lifestyle, Maxine mothered Sara to an unknown father, distant even from birth with her child, she has had several different men who she used to provide herself and her daughter. In time Maxine educated herself and managed to start her own successful software company during which time Sara disappeared. While not stopping her party going lifestyle she did search for her daughter and eventually discovered the identity of her child's father.


While a normal human being Maxine is a skilled programmer. She has high tolerance for alcohol and knows how to plot and scheme effectively.