The gargantuan battleship known as Maxion is a powerhouse, able to take on the entire imperial fleet. He is often mistaken for his partner Maxion Prime.


Maxion in robot mode, resembles a black and red version of the Original MegaZord (See background).

Inside Maxion's interiors are large and made to house giant's the wall are composed of a black metal that bares red glowing markings.


Taciturn and not very personable, Maxion can go decades or even centuries without talking to someone, even his own crew.


One of the ancient Titans, Super Robots that turn into star ships, Maxion was spawned from Solus, and is brother to Ra Gaan. After the war with The Enemy, Maxion wandered space for ages unspoken until he found the young Mechanoid Maxion. Bonding with him and naming him Prime, the two lead the restoration of Maxion's people, before they both expired in the final battle against Tribunal.


  • Transformation: Maxion can transform into a massive space ship.
  • Firepower: Maxion in ship form, has enough firepower to compete with a fleet, in robot bot his arms fire fusion cannons.
  • Warp Reactor: Maxion's reactor core allows him to travel not only in space but also time.
  • Phase Generator: Instead of cloaking, Maxion goes out of phase with the rest of space to hide.
    • Cross Dimension Travel: Although not regularly used, Maxion can traverse Z-Space and possibly other Universes.
  • Zeta Particle Shield: Stops unauthorized teleportation.
  • Warp Gate: Allows for instant teleportation.
  • Dimensional Compressor: Allows the innards, made for giant lifeforms, to become suitable for human sized lifeforms to operate in.