The gargantuan battleship known as Maxion is a powerhouse, able to take on the entire imperial fleet. He is often mistaken for his owner Maxion Prime.

Appearance Edit

Maxion in robot mode, resembles a black and red version of the Original MegaZord (See background). He can transform into a battleship. While his owner is a TechnoMorph Titan, he dwarfs his owner's true form.

Inside Maxion's interiors are large and made to house giant's the wall are composed of a black metal that bares red glowing markings.


  • Transformation: Maxion can transform into a massive space ship.
  • Firepower: Maxion in ship form, has enough firepower to compete with a fleet, in robot bot his arms fire fusion cannons.
  • Warp Reactor: Maxion's reactor core allows him to travel not only in space but also time.
  • Phase Generator: Instead of cloaking, Maxion goes out of phase with the rest of space to hide.
    • Cross Dimension Travel: Although not regularly used, Maxion can traverse Z-Space and possibly other Universes.
  • Zeta Particle Shield: Stops unauthorized teleportation.
  • Warp Gate: Allows for instant teleportation.
  • Dimensional Compressor: Allows the innards, made for giant lifeforms, to become suitable for human sized lifeforms to operate in.

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