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Alternate Form(s): None
Age: Unknown
Height: 40 m
Weight: 45,000 tons
Home world: Unknown
Series: Tales of Robots
Type: Main Character
Family Unknown
Affiliation Unknown
Created by SolZen321

A mysterious robot of unknown origin and abilities.

Description Edit

Maxion is a black robot with red edges on his large shoulder armor and boots. He has a large red arrowhead shaped crystal crest on his head, covering his second pair of eyes. His mouth is a face plate which can open five ways, revealing a very organic mouth. His posture is buff, and he bare shields on his forearms/elbows. His fingers are clawed and his feet each sport three claws instead of a normal boot. On his back is a circle outline with ports for thrusters.

Stats Edit

  • Purpose: Unknown, combat is speculated.
    • Top Speed: Unknown
  • Mode of Operation: Unknown, no one is seen controlling him and radio waves are not detected when in combat.
  • Horsepower: Unknown speculated to be in an excess of 100,000
  • Power Source: Unknown
  • Devices
    • Sensors: Nature unknown, but has been reported hearing humans at ground level, seeing things that are very far away and having no trouble operating in the dark.
    • Transporter: Maxion appears and disappears in bursts of light.
    • Leg Thrusters: Plasma Thrusters
    • Back Thrusters: Plasma Thrusters
  • Arsenal
    • Arm Cannon: His hand collapses into his arm and become a plasma cannon
    • Eye Beams: Both pairs of eyes can fire lasers. With his crest brought down he can fire a very powerful one.
    • Graviton Impact: A punch that generates a shockwave.
    • Strength: Maxion sports incredible strength.

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