The organization devoted to training and maintaining mechs for the Galactic Imperium.

Policies and Purpose Edit

Created to fight other Mech using enemies, and mechanoids, the Mecha Academia's purpose is to train Mecha pilots and maintain Mechs, due to this they work closely with the Mechanism Fraternity. The Academia generally only takes in those whose families can afford the tuition meaning that it's members are generally members of Imperial nobility.

History Edit

The Academia was formed due to the fear of the Upper Echelons of the Imperiums. Their fear was that in combat, their forces would be outclassed by those of Mechanoids. While the Imperial Knights, in theory, could take on a Mechanoid army, they were few in number and difficult to create.

The technology used to create their suits, was stolen and modified from the remnants of Kerri Anthrodroid Guard.

Armor/Mechs Edit

  • Basilisks: The lowest class of Mechs, they are essentially tank tops on 'chicken legs' style servos.
  • Warhounds: An upgrade of the Basilisk class, they sport arms which are mainly weapons and are more humanoid
  • Collosus: The highest class for most decorated, or those from the most influencial families, they are essentially walking arsenals.
  • Fury: The smallest class, they are a cross between a basilsk and a jet fighter, with four legs and a walker mode and a flight mode.
  • Pending

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