Mecha God Clan is the protector of mankind ever since the race creation. Throughout many cycle of life and death, many entropy, many bigbang and even more war that they cannot remember all of them throughout the history. The clan are mainly compose of Seibertronian but also contain many Super Robot that has achieved Shinka. An irreversible process that turn them into godly being.

Religion Edit

Aside from member of Saikyou Yuusha Robot Gundan and Convoy Council. Everyone in the gang worship their "father" Primus and their "mothers" compose of : Astal, Legendra, Solaris, Gaia and Kaiser.

Belief Edit

Mecha God Clan believe that they along with humanity and Faeries are the only being worth living in the Omniverse and all other race, people are inferior to them. Called those that are not belong to their godly family "Xeno"

Power Edit

It is safe to say that most of the major event in the Omniverse all related to them. From the murder of Cronoarchitect, the creator of time and space, the God Genocide, the war with Grandark. It has been said that they can destroy the Omniverse everytime they wanted.

Even after getting nerfed by Grandark. Every member of the clan can destroy galaxies and the strong member can even destroy Universe.

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