While some robotic lifeforms are animated by Sparks, some have their life forces spread more evenly about their bodies, some have both Spark and Cells. Mechanical Cells is a terms for the cells of robotic lifeforms. Nearly all true mechanoids have Mechanical Cells.

Nature Edit

Mechanical cells are cells composed of materials not normally associated with life. They have similar structures to organic/fleshling cells, such as a core that holds their genetic information, Cyberplasm their version of protoplasm, a cell wall composed of metal and silicon, and organelles, some of which bridge both sides of the cell wall.

Types of Cells Edit

Mechanical cells have as much variance as the cells of 'organic' races. There are basically the...

  • Typical Cell: Which oddly enough, resembles the planet Cybertron, a sphere with spikes which shares bio energy with other similar cells and communicates with them, a core of Cyberplasm and a metal cell wall.
  • Viral Cells: These cells are typically spheres with spikes and pincers which oddly enough make them resemble Unicron in planet form.

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