The official scientific body of the Galactic Imperium.

Purpose and Policies Edit

The Fraternity is the main scientific body of the Imperium. Despite this, it is not the most advance scientific body in the empire, due to several reasons.

The Fraternity is strictly prohibited to women, and to aliens (non Basiks). Even the Kota are not allowed to join. They are also restrictive on technology, and tend to hoard their discoveries from each other and the wider galaxy, as well as placing restrictions on certain forms of technology, mainly those they have yet to figure out or figure out a counter to.

Members are called Scribes and are known for their leather aprons over their robes, each color signifying their specialty. They refer to each other as 'Brother', aspirants as Squires, and their leaders as 'Father', while their Supreme Leader is called Grandfather.

  • Physics: Red
  • Engineering: Blue
  • Chemistry: Yellow
  • Biology: Green

They are often cyborgs, modifying themselves to become better scientists.

They completely abhor Artificial Intelligence, or the notion of a machine being 'alive' in any fashion. Yet despite this, they have created the Repliods as a slave race. They are also responsible for the creation of new Imperial Knights. It is for these reasons that they hold such power in the Imperium.

History Edit

Created by the mad Emperor, Augastine, the Fraternity was the result of several Basik scientist coming together as a committed to oversee all scientific affairs for the Imperium. As time passed it's laws became more bias until it became what it is at present.

Due to their bias and bigoted natures many scientists no longer seek to join them and operate independently, especially non-Basiks. What was originally meant to preserve and advance Imperial technology instead turned its focus to acquiring more scientific knowledge, which it hordes even against its own members.

Their place in the Imperium is ensured by the fact that they construct most, if not all of the Imperium's war machines due to an ancient pact.

Trivia Edit

  • They are based on the Adeptus Mechanicus fro Warhammer 40k and the scientific members of the Brotherhood of Steel.

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