Within the Atlantaverse there are numerous Mechaniods, mechanical beings who share certain similarities. The term is used to separate them from simple Drones.

Qualifications and Terminology Edit

There are several things that separates a Mechanoid from a simple robot or drone. Despite this, all mechanoids have mechanical bodies, bodies based upon servo mechanics, circuits and armor plating.

Every Mechanoid is confirmed to have a Ghost, their sentience is confirmed. Yet, like organics, there are various kinds of mechanoids.

Common Features Edit

  • Motor and Piston based Endoskeleton (Inner Skeleton: Most Mechanoids are built around a skeleton that is based on motors and pistons.
  • Electronic Brain:
  • Cydraulics: A self cooling hydraulic system

Spark Based Edit

Mechanoids that are spark based, have their Ghost stored in a sphere of energy called a Spark. Said Spark is usually, but not always, stored within the chest of the mechanoid. Spark Based mechanoids are usually, but not always, Transformers, they have a secondary anatomy/form they can switch between. Other characteristics include.

  • Electromagnetic joints: To reduce friction and increase limb strength. They are activated and moved by the energy field generated by the Spark.
  • Non-Fatal Electronic Brain: While the destruction of the Brain Module can be fatal, it is not guaranteed. The brain serves to maintain the connection between Spark and Body.
  • Transformation Cog: A spherical device. It works be reflecting the Spark's animating energy field, to change the body between its two (sometimes more) forms.
    • Transformation Locking Bars: The mechanism responsible for transformation, to a degree. The Locking Bars maintain the separate anatomies and hold forms as are activated when switching them.
  • Spark Casing and Fuel Pump: The hardest part of the mechanoid, the spark casing is a protective metal casing for the Spark. Usually made of a metal harder than the rest of the body, it sometimes has it's own personal force field. The Fuel Pump which is generally beneath it, directly pumps fuel into the spark, without which it would starve.
  • Reconstructive Armor: The armor plating of Mechanoids, is generally a feat of claytronics and nanotech. It is made to be durable, light but also combine and separate at a moment's notice.
  • Non Visible Wiring: Stored within the endostructure of a transformer mechanoid is most of the general wiring and circutry seen in most mechanoids.

Second Born Intellects

Super A.I.

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