A devastating conflict between the Cyberbots and the Destroids and later the Titans. It was a conflict that had lasting effects on the galaxy.

History Edit

The Cyberbots arose out of the ashes of the Chromium Empire, by unknown means. Their home world, former home planet of the Chromiums, its core generated energy pulses which cooled into Engen mines and Promethium, adding to the size and density of the planet. Over the long centuries, the pulses began to weaken and eventually fade altogether. This along with other social problems eventually launched a war that burned across Mechanoid Space.

While the other (organic) star empires were content to watch the conflict from afar, when the Cyberbot Leader Victorious Supreme decided to ally with the other Star Empires, the conflict escalated across the galaxy.

The perpetual conflict came to an end when the Titans appeared, massive Mechanoids armed to the teeth, who scorched entire planets in an unexplained need to destroy all Destroids and Cyberbots. The fighting and all Mechanoids came to an end, due to the Wave, which wiped out all mechanical combatants.

The after effects were clear however, besides the various ruined worlds, the galaxy's store of usable energy was greatly depleted causing a galaxy wide recession.

The Cross System Empire Collapsed, replaced by wild space, ruled by various smaller space kingdoms, while the Federation and Alliance went into a cold war over the remaining sources of energy.

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