While some robotic life forms, are born, some are forge. Especially with Mechanoids who are Spark based and whose Sparks are generated before their bodies are built, their body requires an operating system (OS) to function.

Not every Mechanoid species, requires this, but those, whose bodies are artificially made, due require it.

Requirements/Functions Edit

  • Movement: The OS serves as the control system of the Electronic Brain and thus must facilitate communication between the Spark and the body, having it move to the Spark's wishes. The OS must be able to decifer signals from the Spark. With Sparkless beings, like sentient A.I. are built robotic life forms
    • Weapons Operating: For mechs with integrated weapons, a subsection of the OS see to controlling and operating the weapons.
  • Diagnostic: The OS must also be able to keep track of all the body parts and be aware of their condition. This is not the same as pain, which is something else entirely, but the OS should be able to run a self-diagnostic
  • Data Searching: The OS should be able to search the users databanks for specific information or memories
    • Translator: While not all OS have a Universal Translation program, they often are very quick at learning a language for the Mechanoid.

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