The second generation of 'Titans', that appeared near the end of the Mechanoid Civil War. They are the constructs of the Ethereals.

Appearance Edit

Ranging from twenty to forty meters tall, the Titans were massive, giant mechanoids with thick blocky build which sported numerous guns cannons and missiles.

History Edit

Sent by their masters to undo their failed experiment, they appeared and attack all Cyberbots and Destroids, burning entire worlds to ensure their quarry did not escape. That was until the two warring factions bent the knee to their masters.

Nature Edit

Like the Cyberbots and Destroids, they are powered by Plasma Hearts. Like them, theirs biggpack into life off Maxion Prime's own life force.

Internally, they appear to be at least partially organic in nature, but are made entirely of Birth Metal.

They are simple minded and do not question their orders.

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