The robotic race of Tale of Maxion.

Appearance Edit

Mechanoids appear as humanoids, they often have face with metal fiber musculature, giving them a human like face that resembles liquid metal. They have under plating, for a human like body and armor, which is usually cubic for the common mech.

Biology and Anatomy Edit

Mechanoids are composed of Cyberplasm, a liquid metal, composed of 'mechanical cells', created from a mixture of specific elements, like silicon, carbon and sulphur and held cohesive with an electrical field. Because of this, when they died, their bodies become britter and rust and break down fairly quickly. At the center of each Mechanoid is a Plasma Heart, a sphere of plasma with a cyberplasm core which generates their core consciousness, their soul. Their heart is connected directly to the brain module and is supplied fuel which it burns and converts into an electric charge for the entire body.

Important Parts/Organs Edit

  • Plasma Heart:
  • Brain Module:
    • Brain Cluster:
  • Plasma Turbine:
  • Spine:
  • Batteries:
  • Fuel Reserves:
  • Hydraulic Musculature:
  • Transmissions/Motors:
  • Optics:

Culture Edit

Classes Edit

Mechanoid society is rather segmented, everyone is built for a purpose. The classes are as follows.

  • Archon Class/ Apex Class: Legislative class, ruling class. Upper Class.
    • Primarch: Reserved for a chosen of the Creator.
    • Dai Apex: A new class created to serve in place of a Primarch since, there has not been one in years.
    • Senator/PMx/Promethian Maximus: The bots who decide the Mechanoids' laws. They are noted for their cylinder shaped armor plating.
  • Intellectual Class/ Promethian Class: The intellectuals, they are noted for the slender frames.
    • PM/Promethian Minor: Any minor intellectual worker, like an aide, or clerk.
    • Scientists Epistim Promethian: All scientific jobs.
    • Priests/ Zen Promethian: Typically those who perform ceremonies and tend the Foundries.
    • EM/Explorator Minor: An explorer, scout, overseer.
      • EMx/Explorator Maximus: An EM but of a higher rank. Is an upgrade.
  • Manual Class/ Atlas Class: The manual workers
    • Soldiers/ AMx/Atlas Maximus
    • Miners/Load Bearers/ AM/Atlas Minor:
  • Drones: By technicality, this includes all beings, they consider to be their 'Lessers'

Forging Edit

The process by which all new Mechs are created. It begins by shaping Cyberplasm into the desired base form/endoskeleton, parts are added on and finally the reconstructive armor is programmed and molded on, before the Plasma Heart, which has already been ignited, is placed within the body.

History Edit

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