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The following page (Mediculaba) contains material that some viewers may find offensive and/or inappropriate. It is strongly advised that viewer discretion be used before proceeding. Note that the contents of this page does not reflect the view of the Super Robot Fanon Wiki Community as a whole, and we apologize to any troubled by such content.
A method to procure Medicine invented by a sadistic medical retared ironically name Guard Rescue . It very "amusing" by the ZST standard and can be downright horrible by Precure standard.

The method Edit

[Data Expunged] [Too disturbing to show]


The result it a baby that carried enough anti-biotic gene to counter the target disea. The baby then being crush by hammer, until his flesh become power. The powder will eventually being fed to a Xeno to test for strain of infection. And if it pass a million test. Will be test on Human ... and it work all the time.

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