Megatron (Cyberdroid)
Megatron (Cyberdroid)
I'm not a bad guy, okay
Vital statistics
Position Zen Seibertron Teikoku Weapon Development Boss
Age 23 billion
Status alive
Physical attributes
Height 1.71 m (Human), 20m (Robot)
Weight 79 kg (Human), 50t (Robot)
Megatron, or now Megatronus is the most compassionate and nicest being in the whole Zen Seibertron Teikoku. Since the ZST are a bunch of psychopath murder every single thing that are not Human, Themselves, or belong to their sacred family. He is not goody two shoes.

Appearance Edit

In his robot form, Megatron look just like Shattered Glass Megatron, whom iself is based on Energon Megatron. However, he can't changed to his robot form as the time of the story.

In his human form, Megatron is a handsome but somewhat scary looking man with silver hair.

Megatron (Cyberdroid) Human Form

Megatron Human Form

Personality Edit

Despite his name suggest otherwise, Megatron is the nicest guy in the whole army. He is not actively seek fight nor killing Xeno without provocation, prefer spending his time on developing weapon and helping his subordinate whom he treat like family. Megatron closet subordinate is Black Convoy, and Starscream. While being filthy riches due to his "Mutiversal Weapon Enterprise", Megatron is not considered to be above other people and dress simply. Creating an image of him being a poor wanderer.

He also form a boy band called "The Megatrons" with another universe counter-part of himself, who want to be a good guy. In Megatron point of view, being a bad guy suck, the good guy always beat the bad guy, get the girl, get laid, having kid, get rich, ascended to a higher level of existence .... while the bad guys only loosing thing. So if being a bad guy suck, why don't he just be a good guy.

However, he hate the imaged the people of Earth-Mahou Shoujo painted himself in. Megatron is disgusted by the villain image he is portrayed in Transformers. Considered them to be blastphemous and changed his name to Megatronus just to distance himself from that image. The only Megatrons he liked in Transformers is Shattered Glass Megatron, whom actually look like him and also a good guy.

After he fell in love with Kaido Minami, the daughter of a rich enterpriner. Megatron now gain some self-esteem, thinking he is un-worthy for her love. From that point he work on his manner and start acting like a prince from fairy tale. Which alway fail due to his half millitary, half gangster ZST demeanor

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