A Chromium crime boss with desires of conquest.

Appearance Edit

First Body Edit

Megatronix sported a typical Chromium appearance, a tall mechanoid. He was Black and Grey with red lines. He sported a metal face.

Second Body Edit

Now buff and sporting an arm cannon on his right arm, he also has a cannon on his back. His helmet sports a gold V shaped fin and a red face plate that makes him resemble a Gundam.

Personality Edit

Charismatic but untrustworthy, Megatronix is a bot with desires for power and conquest. While intelligent he believes power is the only real truth onto itself and so desires to make his world the supreme power of the galaxy with himself as its leader.

History Edit

Originally a low level clerk, Megatronix desired a better life for himself and so began to engage in illegal activities to get the power he desired, until he was a high ranking clerk and leader of the largest criminal organization on Chromium. To this end he worked with Hyperion to develop illegal weapons for his cause. All the while he gathers supporters from the underclass and those unhappy with the caste system.

He desires power and will seek out anywhere, even outside the Chromiums region of sovereignty. His crime syndicate has allowed him to become Vice Chancellor of the Chromium Commonwealth.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Proton Gun: A hand held particle beam cannon, was designed to bring down even the strongest of Warrior Class.

Second Body

  • Plasma Core Heart: A powerful energy source in his body.
  • Particle Cannon: The large cannon on his right arm.
  • Level Twelve Body: a rather powerful body, that by Chromium standards is nigh indestructible.
  • Plasma Cannon: The weapon on his back.

Trivia Edit

  • Megatronix is based on Megatron and Optronix (Shattered Glass Optimus, pre-prime name).

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