Alternate Form(s): N/A
Age: 20 Billion
Height: 41m
Weight: 570t
Home world: Meridia Galaxy
Series: Megazords
Type: Fighting Machine
Family Dragonzord / Titanus
Affiliation Meridia Galaxy / Brave Prince
Created by Zordon
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A giant robot built by the ancient human base on Daizyuzin. It creator are Zordon, a human scientist whom also a good friend with Daizyuzin. Megazord is a very strong robot with fighting power nearly equal to Daizyuzin.

Construction Edit

Megazord frame is constructed, using Durabylium, the most powerful metal in the Universe and maybe the Multiverse for that matter. The Durabylium use to constructed Megazord are provided directly by the ZST, who become excited to see the construction of Megazord. It exo-skeleton are designed with agility in mind, so despite it stubby body frame, Megazord agility are supperior to a Gundam.

The Energy Core use by Megazord are made using by using one ton of Ununitrum. With the power rating of 9.5 x 10^212 joules / second. Megazord will never run out of energy.

When armor plating is concerned, Megazord outer armor are made using a light plate of G-Metal, the hardest metal in the known Omniverse. His armor plating are thicker than an elite Transformer, but lighter than a Brave Robot. Since G-Metal are not exactly the most common metal (Hardest in the Omniverse, afterall.), they doesn't have enough supplied to made it thicker. Even If they did have the supplied, they still can't make it.

If they want to make Megazord armor become just as thick as a Brave Robot, an absurd ammount of energy are required to keep it agile. With their current technology level, a reactor big enough to support that level of thickness is impossible, because Megazord are both larger and contain more mass than a Brave Robot. Meaning that it will need more armor than a brave. Even If it possible, Megazord would ge overload since his Energy Filtering system are not powerful enough to take the Energy.

Weaponwise, Megazord using Power Sword, a sword made by G-Metal. Since the sword doesn't need to be agile, they made the sword using pure G-Metal, including the hilt. Other than the sword, Megazord also have a pair of energy cannon in back that fire a bolt of energy, strong enough to damaged G-Metal lightly. It right leg also armed with a pair of chain-linked, triceratops horn and a dual barrel photon cannon. It left leg is armed with an auto-fired plasma cannon. Megazord can fired an intense ammout of energy with his chest, in manner akin to Breast Fire. It can also fired a strong electric current that look like thunder using it horn, while the arm can retract and replaced it self with cannon. Aside from those armanent, Megazord can fired laser from all of it compotent eye.

Defensewise, Megazord use a shield made from Mastodon Zord head. The shield can also fire a freezing mist using it trunk.

If Megazord need more fire power. It can use the Chokon Power, whom draw will power directly from the spirit of it pilot, magnify by the reactor. With Chokon Power, it can increased the overall spec EXPONENTIALLY by the power of 100. Meaning it can ^ it power 100 time.

But there is one flaw on Megazord. It cannot fired all of his weapon at the same time or risked being overheated.

Power Edit

Megazord have enough power to atleast destroy a universe. The maximum extent of Megazord power is unclear, since no one bother using it at full power. Because the Techonology Level of the Xeno from both the ancient time and modern time are piss poor. Megazord never see the change to use it full power. It just an overspec machine design to fight Multiversal threat, just in case it happen. The fundamental design concept of Megazord is influrenced by the ZST modus operandi of "Overkill is alway safer than Under-kill". They make it overpowered just to make sure that when a Multiversal threat come, they have their card to play.

Due to it power, the people of Meridia Galaxy have a relatively easy life without worrying about the threat outside. Since they're already have Megazord along with all the other robot to defend them.

When using it Final Move, the Megazord can destroy 1% the total number of Multiverse in it current layer of existence. Along with all the dimension, layer, level of existence under it. And yes that think is a freaking WMD.

History Edit

Megazord is a robot built 20 Billion year ago by the Ancient Human, using the best of the technology avaiable for the people of that age. Even through nothing happen the Ancient Human and ZST still upgraded the Megazord constantly with their newest techonlogy, just in case something happen. After a billion years, that "something" finally happen. 400 Million year before the year 2015, "Warp Mornach" the predessor of the current "Universal Management Council" decide to attack Earth because the human has grown too advanced. Even through they are peacful people who do nothing to threatening the peace of the universe. Enraged, the Human request the ZST to leave the work for them. But the ZST still help them by defended the people who can't fight by escort them safely into a Pocket Dimension called Meridia Galaxy.

Then, Megazord finally proved it worth by singlehandly vaporized nearly every Xeno life-form in Earth-Mahou Shoujo, using minimum power setting. After that fateful battle, the Ancient Humanity decide to live peacfully inside Meridia Galaxy, with kill-on-sight policy for any Xeno foolish enough to cross into their turf. The Megazord quickly become the iconic heroes to the people from Meridia Galaxy. Base on it data, the people from Meridia Galaxy start to made a whole series of robot base on the robot use by the Super Sentai, dubbed Megazords. But they still not forget their old friend and constantly upgrading him. The above infomation, are actually from his newest version.

Megazord are instrumental for the ZST victory along with all the other giant robot from the arsenal of Meridia Galaxy army. Yes, there an army of this WMD flying around.

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