The Lovecratian entities of the Web, who rule the Scourge from the shadows

Meme Gods Edit

  • De Mememperor L: Meme God of Getting Deleted, trolls and being insensitive
  • Astral: Meme God of Retards, IdIots and Hypocrisy
    • Presents herself as the Meme God of 'Justice' but is too stupid to realize that the actions she calls upon are the exact opposite. In truth she knows, but is still something of an idiot. She directly talks to Dao.
  • Setsuna: Meme God of Ignorance, idiocy and lack of awareness
    • Of all the Meme Gods, she is perhaps the only one who is not malevolent, but instead is lied to by the others into supporting their actions. However at times, it feels as though she is simply playing dumb, and may in fact be as evil as the rest.
  • Shiny: Meme God of Fire, Idiots and Idiots with fire.
    • Perhaps the most hateful of the Meme Gods, unlike the others who seek dominion, he seeks to simply ruin things, and his pretense of 'purging' is just a flimsy excuse for his sadistic tendencies.

Nature Edit

Within the Web, there is a free flow of information, random, stray thoughts. Sometimes, these stray, meaningless, pointless thoughts share similarities, or a similar format. These Memes may join together to create a Web Creature, who in turn may combine with others, in a constant cycle of predation. The strongest of these creatures call themselves the Meme Gods.

Physically speaking, they are energy beings with density to their bodies. They cannot truly be killed on dissapated from physical conflicts. However, they can be 'cleanses/purged' by certain holy energies. However the larger Meme Gods have some resistance to being destroyed this way, due to the sheer mass of their substance.

When ever someone uses Web Powers these creatures are drawn towards them and may attempt to take them over, it is why they are often associated with Vandals. They cannot and do not attempt on Editors because the Spacium in their bodies acts to counteract their evil influence.

Their goal is simply to corrupt the material Wiki Sectors, creating more of the idiotic thoughts that spawn and nourish them, leading to that sectors dissolving into the Chaos of the Web.

They are also a pack of idiots.

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