Also called a gravitational anomaly or an artificial Black Hole, they are used mainly as power sources, or as weapons of mass destruction. They are considered the most dangerous energy source, along side Plasma Energy.

Nature Edit

A Micro Singularity is just like a real one, only its small size means its intense gravity is less of a threat and more of an unexpected nuisance. However, this refers to the 'natural' (there are no natural Micro Singularities, in the traditional sense of the word). Artificial singularities meant to be fired, are larger and less stable.

They are primarily used as power sources and/or as stabilizing elements in Fusion and Plasma Reactors.

Examples Edit

  • Dimension Decimator: This weapon shots out Micro Singularities instead of plasma bolts
  • Megatron: His fusion cannon in most cases is power by a Mirco Singularity, or connected to a Singularity
  • Gigatron: The Kishin destroyer uses a particle cannon which powered by one

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