The Industry being one of the members of the Terminal Union of Rapid Defense has a wide selection of military equipments and weaponry.

Industry Army Edit

Army Infantry Equipment Edit

Armors Edit

  • Assault Armor Mk. II (for assault missions)
  • Battle Armor Mk. III (for combat missions)
  • Defender Armor (for defense missions)
  • Engineering Armor Mk. IV (for engineers)
  • Stealth Armor Mk. II (for stealth missions)
  • Stealth Armor Mk. III (for stealth missions)

Infantry Heavy Armor Suit Edit

  • H.A.T.S (Heavy Anti-Tank Suit)
  • S.H.I.E.L.D (Super Heavy Infantry Exoskeleton for Land Defense)

Infantry Weapons Edit

  • P-24 Standard Pistol
  • PP-66 Plasma Pistol
  • PDW-34 Model A+ Sub-Machine Gun
  • GDW-32 Model B Gauss Sub Machine Gun
  • AR-18A4 Assault Rifle
  • CR-21A1 Carbine Rifle
  • IR-5 Ion Rifle
  • LR-6 Laser Rifle
  • AS-9 Assault Shotgun
  • SS-12 Semi-auto Shotgun
  • PS4 'Neo' Pump Shotgun
  • M378 Combat Machine Gun
  • SR-15 Sniper Rifle
  • RSR-18 Railgun Sniper Rifle
  • ATRL-47 Rocket Launcher
  • QRL-8 Quad Rocket Launcher
  • GL-4 Grenade Launcher
  • M1111 De-Atomizer Minigun
  • XM1111 Dual De-Aromizer Minigun
  • SR-21 Infantry Railgun
  • DR-22 Dual Railgun
  • MIC-1 Carriable Ion Cannon

Army Vehicles Edit

Recon and Transport Edit

  • Armadillo II (Armored Personnel Carrier)
  • Shellback (Armored Truck)
  • Tortoise A2 (Infantry Fighting Vehicle)
  • XLATV (Extra Large All-Terrain Vehicle)

Engineering Edit

  • C10 Lobster (Armored Crane)
  • D10 Buffalo (Armored Dozer)
  • T10 Mole (Armored Tunnel Boring Machine)

Tanks Edit

  • Dagger I (Light Tank)
  • Dao V (Stealth Tank) (before you complain, Dao is a Chinese sword)
  • Cutlass II (Light Tank)
  • Sabre Tank III (Main Battle Tank)
  • Sabre Tank IV (Main Battle Tank)
  • Sword Tank (Heavy Tank)

Artillery Edit

  • Abbadon (PIN Missile TEL)
  • Lucifer MLRS (Multiple Launcher Rocket System)
  • Mephisto SPG (Self Propelled Gun)
  • PIN Cannon Carrier (Advanced Artillery System)

Support Edit

  • Blackout Carrier (EMP Tank)
  • MMM (Mobile Medic Mobile) (Armored Ambulance)
  • Peacekeeper (Mobile Shield Generator)
  • Shadowkeeper (Mobile Stealth Generator)

Anti-Air Edit

  • Breeze II (Anti-air Railgun carrier)
  • Gale VI (SPAAG)
  • Heatwave VII (Anti-air Laser system carrier)
  • Pz. Sfl. IVc Mk. II (Anti-air gun carrier)
  • Whirlwind III (Anti-air missile transport)

Aircraft Edit

  • A-42 Skyrider (Ground Attack Aircraft)
  • B-54 Crusader (Medium Bomber)
  • C-180 Airmail (Cargo Aircraft)
  • E-6S Epsilon (Electronic Warfare Countermeasure Aircraft)
  • F-17 Cobra (Fighter)
  • MQ-13 Necromancer (UCAV)

Helicopter Edit

  • AH-89 Kobalt (Heavy Attck Helicopter)
  • AH-9 Big Bird (Light Attck Helicopter)
  • CH-77 Halo (Cargo Helicopter)
  • MH-91 Alligator (Multi-mission Helicopter)
  • OH-64 Iris (Observation Helicopter)
  • RAH-66 Commanche (Stealth Attack and Recon Helicopter)
  • UH-100 Uvuvweveweve (Utility Helicopter)

Megaweapon Edit

  • Behemoth-class Super Heavy Tank
    • SHT-1 Behemoth
    • SHT-2 Groudon
    • SHT-3 Chimera
    • SHT-4 Jormugandr
    • SHT-5 Ouroboros
    • SHT-6 Fenrir
    • SHT-7 Chupacabra
    • SHT-8 Minotaur
    • SHT-9 Basilisk
    • SHT-10 Sphinx
    • SHT-11 Sasquatch
    • SHT-12 Phaedra

Mobile Command BaseEdit

  • Continent-class
    • Africa (Grassland Warfare Command)
    • Antarctica (Snow Warfare Command)
    • Asia (Mixed Ground Warfare Command)
    • Australia (Desert Warfare Command)
    • Europe (Urban Warfare Command)
    • North America (Tundra Warfare Command)
    • South America (Forest Warfare Command)
    • Zealandia (Amphibious Warfare Command)

Industry Navy Edit

Navy Infantry EquipmentEdit


  • Boarding Armor V4 (for anti-ship boarding purposes)
  • Diver Armor 1.5 (for diving missions and submarine crew)
  • Navy Engineering Armor V3 (for engineering purposes)
  • Standard Navy Crew Armor V2 (standard issue)

Infantry WeaponEdit

  • P-21 Standard Pistol
  • BP-86 Plasma Blunderbuss
  • LP-34 Laser Pistol
  • StG.17 Assault Rifle
  • BR-12 Battle Rifle
  • CR-20 Carbine Rifle
  • LR-5 Laser Rifle
  • RSR-18 Sniper Rifle
  • PCS-1 Plasma Spear

Navy VehiclesEdit

Landing CraftEdit

  • Tidehunter-class Landing Craft (40,000)

Fast Attack CraftEdit

  • Amazon-class River Attack Boat (120,000)
  • Atoll-class Torpedo Boat (120,000)
  • Atlantis-class Missile Boat (120,000)
  • Pacifier-class Patrol Boat (120,000)


  • Current-class Corvette (29,000)


  • Reef-class Destroyer (21,000)


  • Tidal-class Frigate (14,000)


  • Abyss-class Attack Submarine (12,500)
  • Trench-class Ballistic Missile Submarine (12,500)


  • Wave-class Cruiser (12,000)


  • Concept-class Battleship (?)
    • A-150
    • H-41/44
    • Montana (lead ship)
    • Sovetsky Soyuz
  • Devastator-class Mega Battleship (4)
    • Conqueror
    • Decimator
    • Devastator (lead ship)
    • Eradicator

Aircraft CarriersEdit

  • Legend-class Supercarrier (2,300)


  • Leviathan-class Megacarrier (12)
    • LMC-1 Leviathan
    • LMC-2 Kyogre
    • LMC-3 Gatanozoa
    • LMC-4 Charbyrlis
    • LMC-5 Megalodon
    • LMC-6 Cthulhu
    • LMC-7 Kraken
    • LMC-8 Moby Dick
    • LMC-9 Kappa
    • LMC-10 Loch Ness
    • LMC-11 Nereid
    • LMC-12 Hydrus

Industry Air Force Edit

Air Force Infantry EquipmentEdit


Infantry WeaponsEdit

Industry Space Navy Edit

Special Task Force Unit Edit

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