The bot in charge of Navigation on the Atlanta. She is mainly referred to as Moon, Shard, but also sometimes Moonshard.

Appearance Edit

A female robot, MoonShard is a blue and silver robot. Her shoulders are turbines and sports a jet cockpit in her chest. Her helmet sports an Eye Slugger like crest and she has a feminine build to her body.

Personality Edit

MoonShard is often seen as calm and ladylike, but like much of her crew has a somewhat...eccentric sense of humor. She is also a talented artist and is responsible for the numerous pieces of artwork seen around the ship (Which, between her skill and the ship's reputation, makes them highly valuable, though most of the crew don't know that). She also a skilled drink mixer and chemist as she is in charge of the entertainment lounge in the Dionysus Sector

History Edit

While the member of the senior crew with the least amount of time on the ship, Moon is welcomed by everyone and is even able to intimidate the captain instead of the other way around.

MoonShard is also secretly a Targetmaster, she was meant to transform into the gun of a Titan sized Transformers, and thus she technically qualifies as a Weapon of Mass Destruction.

Weapons and Armaments Edit

  • Alternate Mode: She transforms into a high speed jet.
  • Proton Rifle: A particle beam rifle that serves the role of a sniper rifle. It can vaporize the average mechanoid at full charge.

Trivia Edit

  • Her crest is based on her profile picture
  • Her role as the barkeeper, is inspired by Guinan from Star Trek.

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