An all female race that is part of the Galactic Pan Species Alliance. They hail from the planet Lithium.

Appearance/Anatomy Edit

Morgans resemble blue, purple or green skinned with black stripes/markings, feminine humanoids. They typically have long black hair.

They have the ability to mate with practically any organic species, by physically scanning their DNA and copying aspects they find desirable to generate a daughter.

Morgans are also telepathically inclined, they naturally carry the enzyme/protein for telepathy, which with training can graduate them beyond empathy, to telepathy, it is part of how the scan DNA, as they can physically scan an object.

Culture Edit

Despite their deep spiritual beliefs, they have a deep warrior culture, that exists today as part of their commandos.

Most of them take to the arts, or scientific pursuits and are known for being keen advisers.

Most hate the idea of a living Vandoran.

History Edit

One of the races hunted by the early Vandorans, they survived by their telepathic abilities, allowing them to sense incoming danger, despite the Vandorans' cloaking technology.

They were among the first to join the Alliance, being advisers and supplying their commandos.

Since then, they have lived in peace and have grown to be the most wealthy of the Alliance races.

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