N.T.M.F is an acronym for " Nuke Those Mother F**** ". It's an nuclear bomb create by the Cybertronian for the purpose of defend the Earth. But thank the "Durabylium", N.T.M.F has become obsolete.

Appearance Edit

Taking the form of an normal missile with the size equal to the common missile use by the human. Burning Convoy has painted a "hand giving the middle finger" in every N.T.M.F both as an insult to the enemy and a way to to distinguising the missile.

Characteristic Edit

N.T.M.F operated on the same basic as the Nuclear Bomb but using Nucleon instead of Uranium. Thank to the intense power of Nucleon, N.T.M.F become strong enough to wipe out a galaxy from existence. I'ts can also generated an intense amount of radiation that dangerous to all non-human and non-cybertronian lifeform. Effectively making the Galaxy unhabitable for all Xeno races. But the current armor of the Cybertronian "Durabylium" only suffer a small scratch from the full force of the explosion. ( Yes, they surpassed their version of nukes )

Number Edit

Every version of Cybertron belong to "Zen Seibertron Teikoku" currently contain enough N.T.M.F to wipe out every Galaxy in the Universe except the Milky Way

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