A rare, high very dense, electrically conductive material. Because of its nature is is sought after for use in advance technologies such as Plasma Coils. Its primary use is in directed energy weapons.

Appearance Edit

In mineral form it appears as a dark grey rock, in refined mode it is a green tinted bronze substance, while in liquid form it is a lime green liquid.

In its weaponized state is a deep grey/green substance.

Nature Edit

In its natural state, it highly dense, but very electrically conductive. It can hold massive charges and block conventional radiation. It naturally appears in a crystalline state, and is generally a yellowish brown in solid form, and greenish yellow in liquid form

It can also with stand holding open a wormhole for long periods of time which is why they are used to make Warp Gates.

In their weaponized state, it is unstable and radioactive and has great potential as an energy source. When stored it can be used to generate plasma and be used to build an FTL Drive.

Trivia Edit

  • Based of, Naquadah from Stargate.

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