An all female organization which oversees space travel in the Galactic Imperium

Policies and Purpose Edit

The Navigation Guild are a group of Basik women who hold great power in the Imperium. Due to ancient decrees banning Super Computer controlling Starships of a certain size and above, they are required to navigate these ships across space.

The Navigators are all cyborg who inhale a special mixture based on E-Z-0, which mimics the Psychic Enzyme. These artificial psychics then use the computers integrated into their heads and temporary psychic powers to act as the navigational computers for ships.

Due to their positions, they are often pale, women hooked up to cybernetic life supports, which allow them to live many centuries. However the strain of such activities eventually takes its tole on them and some may die or simply go braindead if the jump is too long. It is due to these things that they often have Reploid servants with them and are almost always in a hoverchair (resulting in most loosing the use of their legs from atrophying)

History Edit

Created on orders of the Mad Emperor, they were an evolution of the state the Mad Emperor had banished his mother to. The punishment was forced upon his sister and later on, other female prisoners. After his fall, the group were organized into the Guild. This practiced continued due to the Fraternity's ban on A.I.

Trivia Edit

  • Based on the Benn Gesseret, the all female order from Dune, and the Navigator's Guild, also from Dune.

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