Once leader of the Cyberbots.

Appearance Edit

Nemesis was a large shouldered bot with a battle mask. His colors were blue, purple and black and wore the Cyberbot Symbol on his shoulders. He had red optics and thick cubic armor.

Personality Edit

Nemesis was vain and self centered, and worried more about his own personal interests than the fate of his people. He believed himself above reproach for his actions and those of the Senate. He expected everyone to be in their place and was not happy with the idea of someone migrating to another caste. He is also a brute, expecting to power through most if not all issues.

History Edit

Built to be Supreme, Nemesis was groomed to be the leader the Senate saw as fit. Many times his ego clashed with those of the Dai Apex, who while corrupt was much nicer than Nemesis.

When the war broke out, Nemesis stayed in the back, leaving the fighting to his subordinates and was ultimately a hindrance to his own war effort. For this reason the council arranged for him to encounter the Destroid Leader, who nearly killed him. Left in critical condition, Nemesis was put on ice, while one of his more competent Commanders, Victorious was made Supreme

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Build: Nemesis was a large bot, with a special Ember than made him more powerful than most. As a brute this was his main form of combat. His body sported dense armor that could soak up more damage than most.

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