The 'new form' of humanity.

Appearance Edit

From the outside, New Humans appears as humans. They are best represented by the Smiths, who are cyborgs housed in large suits of power armor which resemble a cross between ancient knight armor and a space suit.

Civilians generally wear form fitting space suits with tinted helmets at almost all times.

Culture Edit

The descendants of mankind New Humanity is mainly housed in 'The Fleet', a large fleet of colony ships, each one carrying a small town's worth of people. The Fleet also houses other types of ships, such as mining vessels, and research ships.

Each New Human wears their space suit at all times, this and sterilization has resulted in them having weak immune systems. The only exception to this is the Smiths and their Clone Armies.

Smiths are cyborgs, granted improved immune systems, and given resources to go out and forge the starting of new colonies. These Warrior Engineers are also given the tools to forge clone armies to assist them.

With each new colony created, a Super Warp Gate is built, connected to a station above

Their standard currency among each other is the credit.

Their main enemy are the Drones.

Technology Edit

New Humans posses fairly advance technology such as Ion Engines, Jump Drives, Cybernetics and Warp Gates.

However, technology such as Energy Weapons, Warp Gates and Fusion power, require a substance called Nadriah. Due to this, they mainly use normal bullets and rockets for weaponry.

Trivia Edit

  • New Humans are inspired by the Quarians from Mass Effect and the Space Marines from Warhammer 40K.

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