An artifact of great importance to the Mechanoids. It is also called the Power Matrix, Mechanism Compendium, Progenitor Matrix and Divine Flame

Nature and History Edit

The Nexus is an an object that has appeared and disappeared throughout the history of the Mechanoids. It goes by other names, the Matrix, the Mechanism Compendium, for it said to be able to ignite new hearts and holds the knowledge of the ancients and/or the Progenitor. Yet, few understand. The Nexus is an energy field that links the Nexus-Bearer, who gains the title of Nexus, with the 'Great Spark' in the beyond, believed to be the Progenitor's ascended form. It normally permeates the form of the Nexus Bearer, which it is bound to at all times and activates to no one else as it exists as a part of their Plasma Heart.

Appearance Edit

In its deactivated form, its takes the appearance of a white/silver crystal with a blue glow. When activated and outside its host body, it appears as a blue/silver sphere with a galaxy swirling inside it.

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