The Barkeeper of the Atlanta. He is known more commonly as AL or simply Lam

Appearance Edit

Lam is a slender build bot, with a clearly flyer alternate mode. He is blue and white in color.

Personality Edit

Lam is a calm bot, and meticulous knowing how much of any fuel he has in stock. As the Barkeep, of a mechanoid ship, he is also in charge of checking and maintaining the ship's fuel supply as he is in charge of serving drinks. He takes his job very seriously and looks up to MoonShard, his immediate superior.

He usually spent his time to watched TV when he not in work.

He also harbors a great deal of anger at the Destroids for destroying his home city.

He also, often argues with ApexZ due to having an unregistered weapon on his person.

History Edit

Despite being a barkeep, Lam served in the war, and fought with the rest of the Atlanta crew.

Weapons and Armaments Edit

  • Flight: Due to his alternate mode, he can fly in robot mode
  • Blaster Shotgun: It is not certain where he stores this.

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